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“(a) .—Beginning 2 years after establishment of the Alliance and annually thereafter, the Secretary of Commerce, using only data provided by the Energy Information Administration and other public sources, shall prepare and make available to the Congress, the Alliance, the Secretary of Energy, and the public, an analysis of changes in the price of oilheat relative to other energy sources.

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“(b) .—If in any year the 5-year average price composite index of consumer grade oilheat exceeds the 5-year rolling average price composite index of residential electricity, residential natural gas, and propane in an amount greater than 10.1 percent, the activities of the Alliance shall be restricted to research and development, training, and safety matters. Consultation with Secretary, Government Accountability Office and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; rules; reliance on practices developed by Financial Accounting Standards Board; opportunity to submit written comment. The purposes of this chapter are— (1) to grant specific authority to the President to fulfill obligations of the United States under the international energy program; (2) to provide for the creation of a Strategic Petroleum Reserve capable of reducing the impact of severe energy supply interruptions; (3) Repealed. Thus was born GCC, having the benefit of local knowledge and experience together with a powerful history of industrial construction over the past 60 years or so, however the focus is strongly towards the future The constituent companies include Al-Tamimi, Fouad Abdulla Fouad Co.