Common mistakes women make with men dating

27-Jan-2020 21:10

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Oh, and if the rain doesn’t shift and you begin to suspect cabin fever setting in, you’ll be grateful for waterproofs, so make sure they’re on the list too.READ: The best tents for couples Failing to enforce a rigorous "no footwear inside the tent" policy It might be onerous to remove them every time you enter the tent, but muddy or sandy boots or trainers can turn your sleeping space into an unpleasant place.The vision of a restorative simple pleasures-filled break quickly turns into a horror show where everybody is whining about being too-hot or too-cold, starving hungry and uncomfortable.But holidaying under canvas doesn’t need to be that way.Some tents have vented vestibules designed for stove use but, as a rule, it's wise to never cook inside your tent.Bringing insufficient lighting The nights can get pretty long under the stars and unless you want to turn in as soon as it gets dark, battery-powered or solar lanterns are a good idea.Forgetting books or a ‘bored box’ Crucial in bad weather, on long evenings and whenever you’re camping with the family are games, books, cards, toys, telescopes, pen and pencils – whatever you can fit in the car, really.

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Even the most staunch sausage fan will be sick of flame-charred meat after a few days.

Obviously there is the risk of fire, but carbon monoxide poisoning is a swift and silent killer in unventilated spaces.

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