Chris and emily dating

06-Mar-2019 22:34

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Matt is a young African-American man with short black hair and brown eyes.

Matt can either tell Mike to stay away from them or be welcoming towards him.

After Mike leaves, Emily tells Matt that she needs to go back and talk to Sam, and leaves Matt to travel in the direction Mike had gone.

He's hoping for a sports scholarship to a top college, because his GPA isn't going to cut the mustard.

He mostly plays the part of the big friendly giant, but when Matt sees red, it's best to stay out of his way.

During the Prologue, Matt wears a grey t-shirt, a grey hoodie, and a pair of jeans.

After Emily and Jessica finish arguing, she notices that her bag has gone missing and asks Matt to help her find it.

Regardless of whether Matt agrees or rejects her decision, she will send him away.