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Harland was a lifelong entrepreneur, ranging from Pepsi-Cola distribution to real estate to antiques.

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Age 83, of Beaver Dams, NY, passed away on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at home.She was born in Montour Falls, NY on February 16, 1935, the daughter of the late Starr and Claribel (Finch) Martin, and graduated from Watkins Glen High School.Beverly worked at Schuyler Hospital for many years and at Walmart in Watkins Glen.Lemon is a potent superfood filled with cancer-fighting compounds.

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In addition, alkaline diet theory classifies both lemon and baking soda as p H-raising foods.He also gives an example of how well and quickly it worked in one of his patients!If you are looking for a daily tonic to improve your overall health and lower your risk of cancer, look no further than a simple combination of lemon juice and baking soda.The idea is that certain foods either make your body more acidic (lower p H) or more alkaline (higher p H), with an alkaline environment ideal for preventing cancer and other chronic diseases (and a more acidic environment promoting disease).