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10-Feb-2020 18:08

The WWE wanted to do a bunch of Michaels/Hogan matches, and at first both Michaels and Hogan where cool with them.

Namely they would be trading wins until Mania or one of the bigger PPV's.

Version I heard made Hogan look even worse: It was planned as a three-match series, with Hogan going over in the rubber match, but he didn't want Michaels to win clean in the second. I agree with Hogan that if he's coming back on hiatus, he should win the match.

It just doesn't seem right to return and lose clean in his first match back, especially when Shawn is playing the heel.

Of course, we made total asses of ourselves—excuse the pun—running around with our trunks down to our knees, dragging guys around behind us.

Arn Anderson was the agent on the house show, and he was backstage.

Hell I think I saw and read somewhere him and Bret did mend fences and are getting along now. He's still an ego driven guy who thinks at his age he should be going over everyone, and chance are feels he could do another WHC run now.

So Hogan bitches to everyone, finally gets the match changed to a Hogan win.

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He also discusses how Bubba Ray is an asshole, he's very candid about his own shortcomings, doesn't pull punches on his friends when they're in the wrong, etc. It's definitely good to be able to compare the wrestling world with the non wrestling world.The funny thing is that even though Arn and Ric are the greatest of friends, really big friends, Arn would just cringe at some of the things that Ric does in the ring. They wanted to do a three-way thing where we would do a triple sunset flip and end up with our trunks down, running around the ring. My character was serious; I had the enforcer role and it didn’t seem to fit. We were doing six-man tags with me, Hunter, and Ric during Evolution.Rather then Hogan getting some last second win, it's he beats up Michael's and wins.