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01-Oct-2019 07:37

The Tab A 10.1 without the S pen is listed on the Officeworks website for 7 Although they appear to be in short supply and not many around. Samsung have not released a new decent tablet with S pen since 2014 I believe.

I was hoping it would be about the same price as the 9.7 version. I have the Note 5 and use the S-pen frequently, really handy for some of the stuff I do.

And does your case have a magnet for the flap to stay automatically closed?

Looking to purchase one and I'd hate to have the front cover open by itself when I store the tablet in my backpack on the way to/from work. I've been waiting and trying to google search daily. I Tweeted at Samsung Aus way back when the Korean version was released and they replied with: "Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

But I'm ready to accept if the S-Pen implantation is sound and the AU price is reasonable. With similar or improved features to that of the Note 7. Hi Guys, I am interested in purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) with 4G and I am a bit confuse and lost with the spec. Also, I cannot find any decent products that's sold by Amazon and hence no shipping to AU. No default options for adoptable storage unfortunately. Doesn't feel cheap to me i'm used to plastic housings.

Tab A 10.1 (2016) from a specs and S Pen capability seems decent. Octa core with 3Gb RAM and Full HD with expanded memory for a Tablet should be fine. JB Hifi, CPL and Scorptec, they advertise the unit as SM-P585YZKAXSA with only 2G Ram and 16GB storage. So i tried this method: Went through the process but internal storage remains the same at 16GB, there's no option to migrate as adoptable. In the comments section someone says samsung patched it up so this method doesn't work anymore on certain devices. I didn't buy the tab a 9.7 for her long ago, but when i saw this one with the FHD display i just had to buy it.

Although, I'am wondering if Office Works will do the 5% lower price thingo :-) Abom Thanks for the link, is this store reputable?

It's almost as if the upgrade from the original Tab A with S-Pen was a reluctant move. In fact, most cases for past Samsung 10.1" tablets won't fit for they have different screen aspect. If the S-Pen is a push and eject then it is easy, but the S-Pen is required to be pull from the notch behind the tab....

Sure the hardware spec is finally up to scratch but they left out just enough details to differentiate it from the 'high end' Tab S2. For example: no backlit for the capacitive keys, seriously? in case you wonder where does the Note series phone sit in the S-Pen conspiracy theory above: my take is that even if C-Pen worked it still take years for its volume to be dropped to fit into a phone. they should have released a Tab S2 or Tab S3 with S Pen. There are some screen protectors and cases for Samsung Tab A 2016 Wi-Fi on Amazon but I'm having trouble to tell if the cases would allow the S-Pen access. I picked up an SM-P585Y to replace my wifes SM-P550 (both s-pen models). I've got an sandisk 32GB card which i put in there.

:( 16_with_s_pen-news-20481Looks like S-Pen model get 3gb RAM Might grab this to replace my Tab S that just seems to struggle with anything graphically (games) even after a new main board and battery I had a play of the Tab A 2016 10.1 without S-Pen version at Samsung Experience store today and I'm a bit disappointed with the build quality.

There's also the Tab A 2016 7 that I didn't check out. I'll go back to have a closer look next time and also ask staff about the availability of the models with S-Pen and/or black variation.

That sounds good with the new Tab A , especially boosting the screen resolution to 1920 x 1200.