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The video clearly did its job, and Adams stars alongside Segel in the movie.

when they were filming on the streets of Glendale, California.

Jason said that he was able to become a puppeteer with some of the Muppets.

Today, we did it and it was funny because Jason and I both accomplished what we needed to with our Muppet, and then we forgot to act.

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Will Sarah realize what she's lost, and what about Rachel?Even though Amy Adams (who plays Jason Segel’s somewhat neglected girlfriend) had been in all the shots and was quite busy, when she came over to talk to the visiting press, she was in a great mood and willing to answer every question. During the interview she talked about her character, what does it mean to be a part of something that has this much linage, the challenges of working with The Muppets and the puppeteers, the musical numbers, is it more intimidating to share a scene with Meryl Streep or Ms. I am comfortable with it, but I usually don’t do a ton of it. So in reality they are actually very giving scene partners for being inanimate objects. You oddly develop different relationships with different Muppets. Adams: Walter just because I’m in most of the scenes with Walter.

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Was it weird getting used to talking to them while seeing the puppeteering? That took awhile to get used to or when you see them mounted on the tables by themselves. Then it is probably Fozzy because he was my favorite as a kid.

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