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In communities with dozens of ethnic groups living cheek-by-jowl, speaking a cacophony of languages, wearing peculiar clothes, and many very poor, Chinese did not stand out.

They were no more noticeable and often had higher incomes than many recent European immigrants.

And yet East-West couples and their children played a major role in Chinese North American history despite the barriers they faced.

This page explores several relevant issues, going well beyond the Pacific Northwest in search of cases and answers., thought that a scarcity of Chinese women was the main reason, together with the chance that some white women might turn out to be, as Lee charitably suggested, "excellent and faithful wives and mothers.""In all New York there are only thirty-four Chinese women, and it is impossible to get a Chinese woman out here unless one goes to China and marries her there, and then he must collect affidavits to prove that she really is his wife. A laundryman can’t bring his wife here under any circumstances, and even the women of the Chinese Ambassador’s family had trouble getting in lately."Is it any wonder, therefore, or any proof of the demoralization of our people if some of the white women in Chinatown are not of good character?

Alice had been a Christian missionary in Kansas City’s Chinatown. By 1944, the ban had been extended to fourteen states: Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

The case came to trial in December and, to the fury of the police and Frank Sing, Alice was acquitted.