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You might be more comfortable and, therefore, more productive working in a room temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas someone else might be happiest, or work more optimally, at a room temperature of 80 F.

Now that we get this idea of optimal p H, how does an unsuitable p H actually render the enzyme inactive?

This results in the enzyme not only holding its shape, but also having the greatest amount of enzymatic activity, where it instigates the greatest number of reactions at the fastest rate.

This relation of enzymatic activity to environmental p H could be likened to how well you get work done at a particular room temperature.

This means that once they disengage from one reaction, they can move right on to another reaction.

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The 'p' stands for the German word, potenz, meaning power; 'H' stands for the hydrogen (chemical symbol H ) that p H measures.Well, the ' ' stands for hydrogen's positive charge.Thus, acidic environments have a higher positive charge which, in turn, impacts the individual charges of the amino acids within the protein.Try It risk-free Enzymes belong to a class of molecules known as proteins, meaning they have one or more large chains of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds.