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Many of these cases come from declassified US government reports and investigations, international reports from official sources and the direct testimony of military and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, and radar operators.

(Ted Roe, NARCAP) Observations by airline, military and private pilots.

A few unexplained collisions in the air have resulted in the loss of human life.

AFU Newsletter reviews a dozen incidents from the last decade.

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On several occasions civilian aircraft with hundreds of passengers have encountered unknown cigar- or missile-shaped objects.Another catalog of aircraft-UFO-encounter cases (referred to by Velasco in Section 5) is being compiled by Weinstein (1997) as a GEPAN/SEPRA project; this catalog currently contains several hundred aircraft-UFO-encounter cases.R Statistics show that across the world UFO sightings occur at a rate of around one every two or three minutes. Richard Haines is a Senior Research Scientist at the NASA-Ames Research Centre.R This is a case file of 1300 Aviation related UAP observations dating from 1916 to the present.

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This is a fascinating and useful tool to develop an understanding of the threads of commonalties underlying many UAP cases. Out of the 70 completed surveys, 23% of pilots said they had seen something they could not identify in flight.

R This preliminary report presents the findings of a comprehensive review of over fifty years of pilot reports in which permanent or transient electro-magnetic (EM) effects occurred on in-flight aircraft systems allegedly as a direct or indirect result of the relatively near presence of one or more unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

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