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(3) Fondling or erotic touching of human genitals, pubic region, buttock, or female breast. (14) Jewelry manufacturing including costume jewelry. If the structure is converted to another use, it must be brought into full compliance with the minimum standards governing such use. (1) All mobile homes shall be anchored to resist flotation, collapse, or lateral movement. Airport includes only public-use airports with state or federally approved airport layout plans and military airports with military service-approved military layout plans. The approach zone is one thousand (1,000) feet wide at the end of the zone nearest the runway which is adjacent to the operation zone and expands uniformly to sixteen thousand eight hundred forty (16,840) feet wide at the farthest end of the zone which is ten miles (10) from the operation zone. A copy of the written permit granted by the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics shall be provided to the City of Norfolk building permit official. Temporary or intermittent overhangs or doors shall be permitted to encroach into the public right of way as long as ADA compliance is maintained.

(4) Excretory functions as part of or in connection with any activities set forth in (1) through (3) above. Mobile homes must be anchored in accordance with local building codes or FEMA guidelines. means any area of land or water upon which an airport hazard might be established if not prevented as provided in this section, but such area shall not extend in any direction a distance in excess of the limits provided for approach, operation, transition, and turning zones. (c) The "turning zones" shall be located at a distance of three miles (3) radius from the corners of the operation zone of each runway and connecting adjacent arcs with tangent lines, excluding any area within the operation zone, approach zone, or transition zone. Uses that promote a lively street presence shall be encouraged by the construction of patios, terraces, or outdoor spaces in the public right of way for on-street dining, provided that a minimum of 8 feet of public access running parallel to the curb remains between the surrounding fence or rail and curb.

This category includes the sale or viewing of visual or print materials that meet this criteria if the sale of such material constitutes more than 20% of the sales or retail floor area of the establishment. (22) Paper, paperboard and allied products manufacturing excluding pulp mills. (35) Wholesale trade activities which are subordinate accessory uses to the above permitted uses. (5) Appurtenant structures used exclusively for storage of vehicles and storage of other items readily removable in the event of a flood warning may have their lowest floor below one foot above the base flood elevation provided the structure is capable of withstanding hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces caused by the base flood, or the structure is designed to automatically equalize hydrostatic flood forces on exterior walls by allowing for the entry and exit of floodwaters and provided that no utilities are installed in the structure except elevated or floodproofed electrical fixtures. The area to be regulated is to be known as the airport hazard area as indicated on the official Airport Zoning Map approved by ordinance. For paved runways, the runway end shall be determined by the end of the runway hard surfacing and shall begin and end at the same points as the runway begins and ends for turf runways. No building, transmission line, communication line, pole, tree, smokestack, chimney, wires, tower or other structure or appurtenance thereto of any kind or character shall hereafter be erected, constructed, repaired or established, nor shall any tree or other object of natural growth be allowed to grow: (a) In the operation zones to a height greater than the height of the runway centerline elevation on an existing or proposed runway or the surface of the ground, whichever is higher; (b) In an approach zone to a height greater than the elevation of the runway end for which it is the approach and which rises one foot vertically for every fifty feet horizontally (50:1), except that the height limit shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) feet above the nearest existing or proposed runway end elevation within three (3) miles of the end of the operation zone at that runway end. (b) An application for a notice of proposed construction or alteration, as required under these regulations, shall be made upon the Federal Aviation Administration form 7460-1 available online at gov/forms, and shall indicate the approximate location, ground elevation with reference to the elevation at the end of the nearest runway or landing strip, and height of the proposed structure or tree utilizing the standard mature height for any plant species and variety. Within the airport hazard area, no nonconforming building, transmission line, communication line, pole, tree, smokestack, chimney, wires, tower or other structure or appurtenance thereto of any kind or character, or tree may hereafter be replaced, substantially reconstructed, repaired, altered, replanted or allowed to grow to a height which does not constitute a greater hazard to air navigation than that which existed prior to June 29, 1959 which is the effective date of this division of the Code. These goals will be achieved with utilization of appropriately scaled signage, materials, and lighting levels; the use of comprehensive lighting and graphic design, durable materials, and creative installations coupled with ongoing maintenance to create an inviting atmosphere for residents, visitors, workers, and tourists. Any dynamic media directory signs, for off-premise entities, located within 600 feet of Norfolk Avenue shall meet Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) outdoor advertising standards related to screen message, turnover rate, etc. The setbacks from the street, adjacent side properties and setbacks from the river to provide open space and protection of the river shall be described for each individual project in its submitted plan for review.

For the purposes of this definition, specified anatomical areas include the following if less than opaquely covered: human genitals, the pubic region, pubic hair, or the female breast below a point immediately above the top of the areola. (18) Medical instruments and supplies manufacturing. (19) Metal (fabricated) manufacturing including hand tools and general hardware. (23) Pen, pencil and artists material manufacturing. (32) Watches, clocks and clock operated devices manufacturing. (36) Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above uses. The designs for meeting the equalization of hydrostatic flood forces must either be certified by a registered professional engineer or architect or meet or exceed the following minimum criteria: a. (b) The boundaries, operation zones, approach zones, transition zones, and turning zones of the airport are indicated on the Airport Zoning Map, adopted by ordinance, which is attached hereto and made a part hereof by reference. The operation zones are one thousand (1,000) feet wide with five hundred (500) feet on either side of the instrument runway centerline and are five hundred (500) feet wide with two hundred fifty (250) feet on either side of the runway centerline for all other runways. At three (3) miles from such operation zone, the height limit resumes sloping one foot vertically for every fifty feet horizontally (50:1) and continues to the ten (10) mile limit; (c) In the turning zone to a height greater than one hundred fifty feet above the highest elevation on the existing or proposed runway; (d) In the transition zones to a height greater than the height limit of the adjacent approach zone or operation zone and ending at a height of one hundred fifty (150) feet above the highest elevation on the existing or proposed runway. The form 7460-1 shall be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration. In the event a nonconforming structure or object of natural growth has been abandoned for a period of twelve (12) months or more, it may be reconstructed only at a height complying with the provisions of this division or pursuant to the terms of any conditional use permit granted as authorized by the Chapter. The unique relationship of buildings to a street grid in this overlay district may present unique opportunities and challenges for utilizing signs and street graphics to optimize the user experience. Building height shall not be limited in number of stories, or floors, but shall be appropriately scaled to be consistent with and facilitate development of facilities for business and residential enterprises, while maintaining strong connections to revitalized streets and green spaces where multimodal connection(s) to the riverfront is encouraged and celebrated--all within a sustainable urban business environment.

Agricultural and farm buildings and structures shall mean any building or structure which is necessary or incidental to the normal conduct of a farm including but not limited to residence of the operator, residence of hired men, barns, buildings and sheds for housing livestock, poultry and farm machinery, buildings for the storage or shelter of grain, hay and other crops, silos, windmills and water storage tanks. Frame ties be provided at each corner of the home with five additional ties per side at intermediate points and mobile homes less than 50 feet long requiring four additional ties per side; c. The Airport Overlay District is intended to restrict development on land surrounding the municipal airport to provide protection for those aircraft utilizing the airspace within for takeoffs, landings and other maneuvers. Green space, where provided, shall give consideration to enhancing the diversity of public recreational opportunities in the urban framework. The site lighting plan may be incorporated into the site plan. (3) Accessory structures, including sheds, out-buildings, dumpster enclosures, and screening structures, shall match the style, finish, and color of the site's main building.

Agriculture shall mean the use of a tract of land for the growing of crops, pasturage, nursery, or the raising of poultry, including the structures necessary for carrying out farming operations, the residence or residences of those owning or operating the premises, a member of the family thereof, or persons employed thereon, and the family thereof, but such use shall not include feedlots. All components of the anchoring system be capable of carrying a force of 4,800 pounds; and d. Only uses having a low flood damage potential and not obstructing flood flows shall be permitted within the floodway overlay district to the extent that they are not prohibited by any other provisions of this Code and provided they do not require structures, fill, or storage of materials or equipment. Pedestrian amenities, including seating, landscaping, a tree canopy, trash receptacles, safe and efficient lighting and way finding within and through the overlay district shall be provided, subject to review board approval. This plan shall include all exterior-building elevations, including all items affecting the appearance of the building, including roof design, complete description of exterior building materials, exterior building colors, all loading zones, mechanical and electrical equipment locations and their required screening devices, and signs attached to buildings. Building color samples (minimum sample sizes: three by five inches): Exterior and exterior signage color samples shall be submitted. It must indicate the site lighting plan, as well as a light fixture schedule with cut sheets for all site lighting fixtures. Metal utility sheds and car canopies are prohibited. The following are not considered to be consistent with the existing or desired architectural style nor appropriate for this overlay district and are prohibited: a.

Determination of the agronomic rate shall include the available nutrients in the soil, the nitrogen content of any irrigation water, and the nutrient content of any animal wastes, sludges and commercial fertilizer to be applied. (d) Located within the areas of special flood hazard established in Sec. These areas have special flood hazards associated with base flood depths of 1 to 3 feet where a clearly defined channel does not exist and where the path of flooding is unpredictable and indeterminate; therefore, the following provisions apply within AO Zones: (1) All new construction and substantial improvements of residential structures shall have the lowest floor (including basement) elevated above the highest adjacent grade at least as high as one foot above the depth number specified in feet on the community's FIRM or if no depth number is specified, at least two feet above the highest adjacent grade. (3) Nonresidential areas such as loading areas, parking, airport landing strips. (1) Prior to site plan review by the review board, applicants shall submit to the city two sets and a full-size pdf digital file of the following information and shall obtain staff acknowledgement that each required component has been addressed. It shall include calculations demonstrating compliance with this Code and any special landscaping requirements as established within each district. This is required for all outdoor signs except those which cannot be determined because the occupancy of the space is not known. Examples of such include "A frame" style roofs, garishly colored roofs, translucent architectural elements, and the like. Any kitsch architecture (pretentious bad taste) which does not resemble a typical structure.

Airport shall mean an area designed and set aside for the landing and takeoff of aircraft, including all necessary facilities for housing and maintenance of aircraft. (2) All new construction and substantial improvements of nonresidential structures shall: a. (4) Public and private recreational uses such as golf courses, archery ranges, picnic grounds, parks, wildlife and nature preserves. (a) The board of adjustment as established by the city shall hear and decide appeals and requests for variances from the requirements of this division. No sign permit shall be issued for any sign not appearing on a site plan approved by the review board. The exterior walls of the principal building shall be constructed using some masonry and then any of the following materials and in the following specified manner. Examples of such include, but are not limited to, structures that resemble an exaggerated plant, fish, edible food, or other such items such as giant oranges, ice cream cones, and dinosaurs. Any architecture having a historical reference that is so unique and different from the existing design philosophy that such reference is inconsistent and/or incompatible with surrounding structures.

The presence on any lot or parcel of land of two or more vehicles, which, for a period exceeding 30 days, have not been capable of operating under their own power and from which parts have been or are to be removed for reuse or sale, shall constitute prima facie evidence of an automobile wrecking yard. (k) No building permit shall be applied for before the review board enacts a resolution approving or amending the final plans submitted to the review board, as required by this division. No waiver shall be granted unless the planning commission finds: (a) the strict application of the overlay regulation would produce undue hardship, a possible hardship example being an existing residential structure damaged over 50% by fire, explosion or act of God; (b) such hardship is not shared generally by other properties in the same overlay district and the same vicinity; (c) the granting of such waiver will not be of substantial detriment to adjacent property and the character of the overlay district will not be changed by the granting of the waiver; and (d) the granting of such waiver is based upon reason of demonstrable and exceptional hardship as distinguished from variations for purposes of convenience, profit, or caprice. (h) On lots where it is found that a dwelling or a structure, other than a sign, has been constructed within a required front, side or rear yard, and such encroachment does not exceed five percent (5%) of the required front, side or rear yard which was in effect at the time the dwelling or structure was built, upon application to the zoning official or his or her designee with a plot plan of such lot made by a registered surveyor showing the encroachment, such encroachment may be administratively waived by the zoning official or his or her designee. Accessory building (see Building, accessory) Accessory structure shall mean a detached subordinate structure located on the same lot with the principal structure, the use of which is incidental and accessory to that of the principal structure. In District I-3, unless otherwise specified, the maximum height and minimum lot requirements shall be as follows: (1) Where a side lot line in this district abuts the side line of a lot in District S-R to R-O inclusive, a side yard of not less than seven (7) feet shall be provided, and a side yard of twenty-five (25) feet shall be provided on the street side of a corner lot. (h) Where a request for a permit to develop is denied by the enforcement officer, the applicant may apply for variance directly to the board of adjustment. (2) New or replacement water supply systems and/or sanitary sewage systems be designed to minimize or eliminate infiltration of flood waters into the systems and discharges from the systems into flood waters, and on-site waste disposal systems be located so as to avoid impairment or contamination. (2) Require new construction or substantial improvements of nonresidential structures to have the lowest floor, including basement, elevated one foot above the base flood elevation or, together with attendant utility and sanitary facilities be floodproofed so that below such a level the structure is water tight with walls substantially impermeable to the passage of water and with structural components having the capability of resisting hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads and effects of buoyancy. Lighting fixtures intended to illuminate roof-top gardens shall be designed to minimize light pollution while still providing adequate light levels to create a safe environment. Access shall mean a way or means of approach or entrance, a means of ingress or egress. This division shall not create liability on the part of City of Norfolk, Nebraska, or any officer or employee thereof for any flood damages that may result from reliance on this division or any administrative decision lawfully made thereunder. (c) New construction, subdivision proposals, substantial improvements, prefabricated buildings, placement of manufactured home dwellings and other developments shall require: (1) Design or anchorage to prevent flotation, collapse or lateral movement due to flooding. (1) Require new construction or substantial improvements of residential structures to have the lowest floor, including basement elevated one foot above the base flood elevation. Proposed lighting fixtures shall be a maximum of 45 feet in height (including base) within vehicular areas and 25 feet in height within non-vehicular, open space and pedestrian areas.Antenna shall mean any attached or external system of wires, poles, rods, reflecting disks or similar devices used for the transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves. (2) Variances shall not be issued within any designated floodway if any increase in flood levels during the base flood discharge would result. (2) If such use is discontinued for twelve (12) consecutive months, any future use of the building or premises shall conform to this division. Screening devices shall relate to the building's style of architecture and materials. (j) Applications for development within the North Fork of the Elkhorn River Overlay District shall be reviewed for compliance with the existing comprehensive plan, existing zoning district regulations including setbacks, overlay district regulations and the goals and expectations of this overlay district. Prior to submittal to the review board, staff acknowledgement of site plans is mandatory, including review of landscaping and tree plans, architectural plans, lighting plans, and color and exterior finish samples. Additional height and area requirements and exceptions. (b) Where a proposed right-of-way line has been established for future widening or opening of a street or a highway upon which a lot abuts, then the depth or width of a yard shall be measured from such established line.

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